Nature – the Perfect Balance of Imbalance

feather and stone balance

We all talk a lot about balance, we use it everyday as a means of expressing a good lifestyle and we strive to attain a healthy balanced diet, a balance between work and play and many of us seek balance with our minds, bodies and spirit. But are we misinterpreting what balance really is, are we balancing our lives too well for our own well-being? Look at it this way for a moment; a balanced diet isn’t eating the same quantities of everything we put on our plates, we have different amounts of this and that according to our needs. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that we need to split our day equally between work, rest and play. We split it into ever-changing lengths of time and throughout our entire existence, from the time we draw our first breath until we gasp our last, our wants, needs and abilities alter year upon year. Each and every breath that we take is a perfect example of imbalance at work. (NB: please don’t confuse imbalance with un-balanced or un-hinged!)

To be able to take that life-giving breathe we need to cause an imbalance between the air pressure within us and the pressure in (or rather ‘on’) the air we need to draw in. That of course is why our lungs expand and collapse, to cause the perfect imbalance which enables us to inhale and exhale. If there was a permanent balance (equilibrium) we would cease to exist; exactly what happens when we die, we have found equilibrium and the laws of nature (and physics, thermodynamics etc..) stop working and so do we.

wave-energyTurning to nature for inspiration I like nothing better than sitting on a cliff top and watching the ocean roll onto a sandy beach, to watch the waves wildly launch themselves and then ebb and flow gently along the shore line with decreasing energy in search of an equilibrium they’ll never find; not yet anyway!! For even when those waves have lost their energy and realign themselves back into H2O molecules, the tides, the gravitational force from out in the universe allied with other forces will takeover and energise them over and over again. What I’m seeing is everything that my senses can manage to take in and my brain is able to perceive, yet what I’m really watching (and feeling) is a total imbalance of energy. Of molecules and atoms twisting and turning, spinning, expanding and decreasing as they form waves of energy generated like the ripples moving outwards on a pond after a pebble disturbs its surface tension, by the combined energies of winds, rain, temperature and gravity mixed in with the tides and currents of a storm of confused long and short waves (like the annoying static from badly tuned radio frequencies) which started days or even weeks ago, and hundreds of miles beyond the horizon. I’m not as it appears on the screen of my mind watching an ocean on the move, but the faster long waves of energy that escaped the confusion and are now rippling and spreading across the globe; and its happening everywhere 24/7 …. amazing!!

None of this deflects from the natural beauty and power that my brain perceives as reality, it enhances it by bringing awareness of the awesome perfect imbalance which keeps our world alive and in turn keeps us alive and kicking too. We are exactly the same as the wind, sea and tides except our molecules and atoms are aligned in different combinations and forms. We are energy, electrical pulses, cells, heart beats, blood flow and an amazing collaboration of natural forces. All in total imbalance with one another to create the energy to keep us healthy and alive.

balancing-imbalanceIt gets even more mind-blowing and amazing when you consider all of those wavelengths that animals see, hear and smell that we’re unable to. Just because we can’t see or sense them in any way doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. They’re all out there jostling with those our human limitations can detect. Now let’s throw in all of the man-made wave-vibrations for good measure (think of how your precious mobile (cell) phone works, or the remote for your TV, amongst thousands of other energy creating items we take for granted), and it’s not surprising that we sometimes feel out of balance with life. Just remember that imbalance is natural and is a far better option than to be in than a state of equilibrium is. So maybe instead of seeking balance in everything in your life, strive instead to get that imbalance into balance. Of course to balance an imbalance you need to find the pivotal point, the centre of gravitational force that hold things in place; and that is where energy healing and your own mind, body and soul work comes into play. But that’s another subject altogether and for you to work on in your own time whilst I get back to gazing out at an endless mass of molecules and atoms simply doing their combined thing; it’s more commonly called being connected to nature, the universe and life!