Magical Freeze-Frame Moments – Part 1

Dew on Moss on Wall

I spend a lot of my time, as you well know, just sitting in and amid Nature’s wonderful landscapes. But what you might not know is that when I’m in those contemplative moments and ‘grounding myself’ so that I can get a better insight of whatever it is I’m contemplating; I go into what I call my magical freeze-frame moments. I could be in the most majestic and stunning arena imaginable but I concentrate all my attention on a snapshot of what’s before me. It could be a patch of moss on a tree trunk or an old wall, perhaps a nearby ancient and rotting log; anything that catches my attention and I make that my focus like framing up a camera to shoot a snapshot.

Moss Dewdrops

After a few moments of this focussed concentration I go into what I can only describe as a semi-trance, a place where I’m still conscious of everything outside of my focus, alert to any dangers, without actually being aware of it. Similar to self-hypnosis I guess. Anyway, that’s what I do and how I feel. Whilst in this semi-trance I start to notice every detail. For example let’s say it’s, the minute dew drops still clinging to the moss. Clinging there until a ray of sunlight disturbs it into a melting tear, disappearing, but leaving a darker green stain where it once existed. As the sunlight creeps nearer and bolder the tree bark takes on different shades and shapes, the shadows playing hide and seek with it’s form and my mind. There are so many things you become aware of when you concentrate on the small details; the small but important component of the ‘Bigger Landscape’ beyond your consciousness.

After I’ve been doing this for an hour or just a few minutes and come out of these freeze-frame moments I view the whole scene before me as if it’s a place I’ve never seen before. It’s as if a whole new dimension of the world unfolds. A dimension full of tiny frozen moments gradually melting like a million dew drops, as in miniature they did on the moss, all pooling and collecting together as one to make a vast and amazing vista. Then I begin to realise that we are such a tiny part of Natures whole creation. It puts so many things that occur in our daily lives into a clearer perspective. Not necessarily one of who and what we ‘are’ but one of who and what we ‘can be’! It reconnects humanness with spirit and when they are both working in conjunction with each other we become endless possibilities of possibility.

Moss on branch

This sort of freeze-frame moment is what I recommend doing in life as well as when out and about in Nature. When things get a bit confused and we just can’t seem to get a handle on what the cause of a problem we my have is; freeze it, frame it and focus on it. The answers may not come to you straight away, in fact I pretty much guarantee you that they wont, but eventually they will come into view, slowly, as you focus more and more on the finer details. Once you have a clear visualisation of the cause(s) of whatever it may be that is concerning you, you will be able to hone in it with a brand new perspective and energy and see those new dimensions emerge from the truths that lay hidden within your very being. An energy from spirit that connects with your humanness, that part of you that causes the doubts and fears that are usually at the root of all problems but also holds the cure. It’s that humanness that we live by, it’s what see’s us through those dark and confusing times. Combine your humanness with your spirituality and, well we all know what happens when spirit and humanness start to work together ~ don’t we?